turns out everyone’s attention span is shortening, so thank goodness I’ve only gone and made super short-shorts. Sadly, not the sassy kind you wear for the bubble butts among you, but rather a collection of mini-feasts for your filmy pleasure. enjoy x


HUMDRUM or, The Woman who wanted to be a Washing Machine

Role: Director, Writer, Actor
Date released: Autumn, 2018

In a world 'spinning' with Gender Politics, Catherine Lake has decided to 'condition' the 'fabric' of her own 'delicates' identity in a bid to 'wash' women back to their Rightful Place…



Blackbird FINAL Laurels 2018.jpg


Role: Director, Writer, Actor
Date released: January 2017

Ever jumped through hoops for what you thought was the perfect job?
BLACKBIRD - A Playfully Absurd take on the Post-Grad Employment Crisis: Temping

Strange, quirky and beautifully shot” - Chortle

a masterclass in comedy short film-making: @dppasquini’s delightful Blackbird.
- Jonathan Wakeham, Co-Founder & Programmer, LOCO London Comedy Film Festival

Recognition and Screenings:

Online views, 1000+


Role: Director, Writer

A playful, imaginative celebration of 'the other', 'Emmeline' is the sweetly comic-absurd fabulation of a girl who isn't quite like everyone else...

Screenings & Awards:

  • BFI Future Film Festival, 2013 - WINNER: BEST FICTION

  • Festival Alto Vicentino, Italy, 2013 - WINNER: BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY

  • Chicago International Childrens Film Festival, 2013 - WINNER: YOUTH JURY PRIZE - LIVE-ACTION SHORT FILM

  • Colchester Film Festival, 2013 - WINNER: BEST REGIONAL FILM

  • Brantford Film Festival, Canada 2013 - WINNER: BEST SHORT

  • Shooting People's Film of the Month, 2012 - WINNER: NOV 2012

  • New York International Children's Film Festival, New York, 2013

  • Soul for Reel Festival, Maryland, USA 2013

  • British Society of Cinematographers: New Cinematographers Night, London, 2013

  • Children’s Film Festival Seattle, 2014 - OFFICIAL SELECTION

  • Little Big Shots, Melbourne International Children's Film fest., 2014 - OFFICIAL SELECTION

  • Big Eyes, Big Minds; Singapore International Children's Film Festival, 2014 - OFFICIAL SELECTION

  • New York International Children's Film Festival, 2013 - OFFICIAL SELECTION

  • Barbican Framed Film Fest, London 2013

  • The BSC (British Society of Cinematography) New Cinematographers’ Night, London, 2013

  • Fresh Faced Film Fest, The Lyric, Hammersmith, London 2013

  • The Supper Club, The Basement, Brighton, 2013

  • Cambridge 33rd Film Festival, 2013

  • Soul For Reel Film Festival, Maryland, USA, 2013

  • The Dugout Festival, London, 2013

Online views 23,000+


Role: Director, Writer, Actor

2 minute short film entry for a competition to win the (then new) Sony FS5 camera, theme: ‘No Limits’.
The brother flagged this comp up just days before the deadline - he’s a good egg - so we did a quick cobbling together of an idea over skype and wedged some shoot days in between floundering schedules.
Suffice to say we wasted half a day being kicked off private land we thought was public, got sand in too many lenses, and did plenty of blagging and begging - yum.

Online views 9000+